Trane Air Conditioners – Various Models

Las Vegas Commercial Rooftop Air ConditionersAir conditioners are a vital requirement these days. Earlier, air conditioners were used to beat the harsh summer heat. But now with so many computers and devices at homes and offices, it is imperative that air conditioners are used. There are various brands of air conditioners available in the market. Trane air conditioners are among the leading brands. They have found to be very effective, especially in Middle West where very harsh summers are to be faced.

There are numerous models in Trane air conditioners. The models don’t just suite the residential use, but also can be effectively utilized in commercial buildings. They are well known for their durability which comes from the materials that are used to manufacture them. Let us now get to know about some of the famous models of these air conditioners.

Payne PW3CAM009000 PA13AAM09000

1. Well known as high wall air conditioners with 13 SEER rating.

2. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. It has energy friendly features like timer and sleep mode, auto mode and low voltage controls.

4. Auto swing, R-410A refrigerant, ductless system, dehumidification mode, wireless remote, cleanable filters, automatic restart are among key features.

XB14 Air Conditioner

1. Well known for high reliability and great durability.

2. Its long lasting quality makes it a very profitable investment.

3. Its rating of 16 SEER enables it to give you maximum cooling in an economical way.

4. Upgraded fan motor, all-aluminum outdoor coil, Quick-Sess cabinet, non-corrosive base pan, corrosion-resistant fasteners are among the key features.

XL20i Air Conditioner

1. Well known for superior quality cooling bundled with comfort.

2. It has superb features just meant to increase performance like, charging aid, 2-stage cooling system, louvered panels, multi-stage fan, and sound insulator on the compressor.

3. Silent comfort, ComfortLink II communication system, cost-saving functionality, elevated airflow, curable construction are among the key features.

XR13 Air Conditioner

1. Well known for efficiency in energy utilization.

2. Makes optimum use of the available energy and thus saves a lot of cost.

3. The ratio for seasonal energy efficiency is 14 – the best suited for modern households.

4. Various choices of sizes are available.

5. Non-corrosive base pan, louvered panels, climatuff compressor, rust-resistant baked-on powder paint, sound insulator, outdoor coil are among the key features.

XB13 Air Conditioner

1. Well known for its efficiency in room cooling.

2. This model is bundled with reliability, comfort, efficient performance, durability and central cooling technique.

3. Various models of this category are differentiated based on the refrigerants (R410A, R-22).

4. Louvered panels, rust-resistant baked-on powder paint, corrosion-proof fasteners, Duratuff base pan, outdoor coil are among the key features

XB300 Air Conditioner

1. Well known for emitting reliable coolness.

2. The manufacturing is done keeping the finest details in the mind.

3. The model is tested thoroughly to check its daily performance, durability, efficiency and reliability.

4. Their design is compact and is made cost effective.

5. Climatuff compressor, all aluminum coil, corrosion-resistant glossy finish, manual charging aid, heavy duty coil guard, light weight, sleek design are among the key features.

I hope, with all these features, it will be easier for you to compare different models of Trane Air Conditioners and select the one that satisfies all your requirements.