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Heat pumps are used in the air conditioning system to transfer the heat from a low-temperature space to high-temperature sink by utilizing external mechanical work. Generally heat pumps, as installed by the Las Vegas NV air conditioning experts,  in air conditioners used in homes contain valves which can control the flow of heat in such a way so as to make the air conditioner act as a cooler or a heater. The refrigerant gas which is used for heat pumps is either Freon (R-22) or Puron (R-410A). These gases are the ones which are the cause of ozone depletion and hence handling them is important.

The problem with heat pumps generally require prompt servicing which your Las Vegas home air conditioning repair or your commercial air conditioning repair service provider should be able to provide. Upping the capacity to a  larger heat pump just because the older one has stopped working is also not a good idea as it would require whole new ducting as well. Sometimes it is not worth the expense to try to repair an older model heat pump. The newer models are much more energy efficient than the old ones. In fact look for models that carry the Energy Star rating as they are the most energy efficient. Finding a good air conditioning repair in Las Vegas NV is therefore essential in case your heat pump breaks down.

Replace Las Vegas Heat Pump: When Should You Do It?

The average life of a heat pump is generally between 14 to 15 years. In general however, the rule for changing the heat pumps is that if the system is giving you more problems than it can be cost effectively managed, it would be time for replacing the heat pump. Repairing of the heat pump on the other hand is the primary step which you must take. A good air conditioning service provider like Las Vegas NV Air Conditioning will generally be able to repair most heat pumps. Repairing a heat pump is not a do it yourself job. It is best therefore to call the experts to fix your heat pump.

The common problem that Las Vegas Nevada heat pumps encounter is generally due to failure of the compressor. Make sure that your air conditioning service provider is capable of fixing compressors as this is much cheaper than buying a whole new heat pump unit. Another possible problem which could be encountered is that the refrigerant gas could have leaked. This is generally refilled by mostly all the home air conditioning services and the commercial air conditioning services.