Increasing Humidity in You Home in the winter will lower heating bills according to the Las Vegas air conditioning and heating experts.

Humidifiers in Las Vegas are growing in popularity. The air here in the desert has extremely low humidity which will damage wood in your home and make your skin rough and dry. If you moved here from the eastern parts of the United States what did you dread most about the winter time? The very cold weather? Shoveling the sidewalk after a snowstorm? The heating bill? The spread of the flu? Read more at ourĀ Dallas TX air conditioning repair website.

While there’s a lot to love about living in Las Vegas during the winter season, there’s also a few things to hate. One of those things to hate is the bone dry air that comes from having your furnace running all day long.

Dry air can make the winter time more miserable than it should be. When the air inside your home is dry, your nasal passages tend to dry out, you’re more likely to get a sore throat, and flu symptoms feel worse than they do with more humid air. A whole house humidifier can be installed by your trusted air conditioning repair contractor.

Humidifiers Make Las Vegas More Comfortable

Las Vegas Humidifier
Las Vegas Humidifier

You can keep your home at a comfortable humidity year round, even during the winter with a Las Vegas humidifier.

What’s a humidifier? A humidifier is a device that steams up water and releases it into the air, raising the humidity in the surrounding area. Humidifiers come in a couple styles.

Small, portable units are appropriate for single rooms. Unfortunately, they are usually very noisy. Sizes of portable units range from very small, appropriate for a bedroom, to large console units, appropriate for large rooms.

But if you have a central air conditioning system, a humidifier can be built into it. Whole house humidifiers consume less energy than portable units and evenly humidify the entire home. Best of all, they’re silent. The only noise you’ll hear is the noise your furnace normally makes.

A Las Vegas humidifier can pay for itself, too. When the air is moist, temperatures feel warmer. So instead of keeping your home at 73 degrees, you can set it a few degrees cooler and still feel just as comfortable.

If you want a Las Vegas humidifier to help make your winter more comfortable, call Air Conditioning Las Vegas now. Our technicians will have your home assessed and humidifier ready in no time. Do it before those dry winter months get here to spare yourself from another dry day in your home. Call Las Vegas Air ConditioningĀ  for a whole house humidifier today.