Air conditioning Repair North Las Vegas
Air conditioning Repair North Las Vegas

Hot temps are coming soon and you don’t want a big North Las Vegas air conditioning repair bill, do you? Call now to be ready for the extreme heat. Energy saving a/c equipment is more affordable and reliable than ever before.

In some cases, replacing your old, builder’s grade heating and cooling system can help you save money by lowering your utility bills. If you consider adding air purification and a humidifier your will appreciate what a difference it can make in terms of comfort.

Keep Cool This Summer

We can install a state-of-the-art roof top air conditioning system as well as conventional split systems. Our typical  systems are designed with the compressor located on the ground outside and the furnace inside. Both the heating and cooling use the same duct work to distribute comfort throughout your residential and commercial structure.

North Las Vegas residents should consider combining your HVAC system with a Honeywell humidification and air filtration system for the ultimate in comfort.

Central Air Conditioning

Your North Las Vegas air conditioning equipment is expensive and should be maintained properly to ensure that your utility bills are as low as possible. Annual service can help you get the longest life possible from your unit. Unfortunately, there will come a time when it should be replaced. That time is now for any central heating and air equipment that is older than ten years.

Strides in energy efficiency combined with Federal energy savings tax credits and rebates offered by utility companies make it cost effective to replace now. Call our North Las Vegas air conditioning repair technicians for details.

The odds are good that a new North Las Vegas air conditioning unit with a great Energy Star rating could help the residents of North Las Vegas save a lot of money off of the cost of your monthly natural gas and electricity bill month after month for the next decade or more.