Las Vegas Furnace Repair
Las Vegas Furnace Repair

Las Vegas residents maybe interested to know about high efficiency furnaces:

The latest Energy Star rater furnaces will be more expensive to purchase on the front end. Rest assured that the cost difference will be paid back over a few years through lower energy bills. After the payback period, you can count on a decade or more of savings you pocket.

Utility prices are always going up, so the savings will be greater in the future. When shopping for a new furnace, make sure the contractors bidding on the job calculate the load on the HVAC equipment so they will know what models to spec out for the Las Vegas desert environment. Check our references and you will find that City homeowners think we do a great job installing quality HVAC equipment.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

  • Las Vegas residents are a guilty as anyone about piling up clothes and such in front of the air registers, return air vents, etc.
  • Relocate furniture, rugs and drapes to allow free air flow in and out of the duct system;
  • Warning: Do not store combustible materials such as gasoline, paint thinner, Las Vegas Review Journal newspapers,cleaning products, etc. near your natural gas furnace;
  • Do not store things in area immediately around your furnace;
  • Replace your furnace filter often during the heating season;
  • Call our furnace repair team to¬† perform an annual maintenance check of your furnace, air conditioner and heat pump;

Las Vegas Homes Need Carbon Monoxide Detectors During Heating Season

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and lethal. This gas occurs any time there is incomplete combustion or poor venting of your natural gas furnace and water heater. All Las Vegas residences that have appliances such as a gas furnace should have carbon monoxide alarm that meets CSA International certification requirements. Call today to have your furnace serviced.

Top Furnace Brands

We service, repair and install all the major brands of furnaces in the Clark County area including Trane, York, Amana, Bryant, Rheem, Ruud, and more. We repair and install rooftop package units as well.