Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Is Your Las Vegas Air Conditioning System Going to Make It Through Another Summer? Are You Spending Too Much On Air Conditioning Repairs and Utility Bills?

Air Conditioning Repair Las Vegas

Air Conditioning Repair Las Vegas

Las Vegas air conditioning systems are easy to take for granted. Out of sight out of mind. If you have air conditioning on a hot summer afternoon, life goes on as normal. If the a/c unit goes down, you and your family’s life shuts down with it. Life is impossible in Las Vegas without a dependable air conditioner or heat pump.

Your system does more than just cool the air. It also dehumidifies and filters air, making it more comfortable and cleaner. With the dry desert air, many Las Vegas home owners install whole house humidifiers that operate year round to restore a comfortable level of humidity. We are the trusted choice for Las Vegas air conditioning repair service.

Air Conditioner or Heat Pump

Your neighbors are upgrading to heat pumps, but are they right for you? A heat pump works well where winter nights don’t get much golder than freezing. Heat pumps are more efficient than a gas furnace and can lower your heating bills. Ask our staff if you would benefit from one.

Should You Repair or Replace Air Conditioning System in Las Vegas?

Our staff will help you navigate the options you have. We will not sell you more equipment than you need to be comfortable. Factors to consider:

  1. Are you paying a reasonable price for your Las Vegas air conditioning repair or replacement system?
  2. What capacity of central air conditioner should you buy for a Las Vegas home or commercial operation?
  3. Should you buy a high, middle, or low-efficiency air conditioner?
  4. Will your new Las Vegas air conditioning system qualify for a tax credit and a municipal and utility rebate?
  5. Are you paying a reasonable price for your Central Air Conditioner?

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement: Take Time Save Money

Las Vegas Air Conditioning wants you to realize that the single-greatest cost-saving solution for repairing or replacing you a/c equipment is to take your time. That’s hard to do when your unit is fried and its 100 degrees plus for the next week in Clark county. Always hire a licensed HVAC contractor to install it. We hope our Las Vegas air conditioning repair team is one of them.

Make sure you are specifying the exact same equipment in each if the proposals. You are not comparing apples to apples when you compare the cost of a SEER 13 to a SEER 21 A/c unit. Study the information about the Las Vegas furnace proposal,  too. That can have an impact on the total price. In fact, don’t hesitate to ask for a “good”, :better”, “best” solution with pricing on different combinations of furnaces and air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Brands Repaired and Installed

  • Trane
  • Ruud
  • Rheem
  • Carrier
  • Lennox
  • Bryant
  • Amana
  • Coleman
  • Goodman
  • Comfortmaker
  • Payne
  • Janitrol
  • Sears
  • Kenmore
  • American Standard
  • Westinghouse
  • AirTemp